What Types of Replacement Windows are Best for Oceanside, CA homes?

What Types of Replacement Windows are Best for Oceanside, CA homes?

If you are looking for replacement windows, you know you’ll be making an investment. You want that investment to be worth as much as possible in your Oceanside, CA home. If you have large picture windows, you can do something different like a bay or bow window if you want to make an impact. There are plenty of window options for any home. When you are working on replacement windows, it is a good time to explore the types of windows available to get just what you want for your home. Here are a few options to consider.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are one of the most popular window styles, with good reason. They are basically two windows built into one single unit, with one above the other. The lower and upper window can be raised or lowered so you have options. They are easy to clean since you can tilt the windows in and clean the outside from inside the house.

Slider Windows

If you have a space that is wide, but not as tall, slider windows are perfect. They slide open from one side to another, like a double-hung window only sideways. They work great over kitchen sinks or in bathrooms, but they aren’t perfect for windows that face directions that might get heavy rain frequently.

Casement Windows

These windows crank open and hinge on one side or the other. They are great for tall, narrow spaces and have a streamlined, modern look. They are also highly energy efficient because when the wind blows, it blows the windows tighter against the frame.

Awning Windows

These hinged windows crank out and hinge at the top, like an awning. They can even be kept open when it is raining to get that fresh air into the home.

Ratings and Energy Efficiency

No matter what window type you choose, you will need to pay close attention to energy efficiency. It is often tempting to replace the windows you have with the same style and that’s okay. If you make changes, that can improve your house as well. Either direction you decide to go, you need ratings and energy efficiency to be at the top of your list. Understanding the ratings is simple if you look up a few numbers and prepare yourself for reading labels.

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