Are There Things in Your Home You Should Wash More Often?

Are There Things in Your Home You Should Wash More Often?

If we had more time, of course we would all clean our homes from top to bottom more often. Cleaning isn’t something most people enjoy doing, but we do it because we are responsible homeowners and we don’t want to live in a filthy pit. But many of us do the bare minimum when it comes to cleaning, and that helps us get by until those major cleaning binges that create a truly clean home. But there are a few things that most homeowners should clean more often in Vista, CA. Here are a few examples.


If you’re honest about it, how often do you wash your towels? Most people would admit that it isn’t very often. Once a week? Once a month? They dry so it’s not really that bad, right? And you’re clean when you use them! But it’s actually recommended to wash towels after every third use and hand towels even more often since they are used a lot through the day.


Sheets are like towels and unlike clothes. Clothes you take off and can easily toss into the dirty hamper. Sheets you have to be more intentional about. But when you sleep, you sweat, drool, and even shed dead skin. No one wants to sleep in that once it adds up! Make a schedule to wash your sheets every week. If you have a tight schedule, just change the sheets for a new set and wash the others when you have a chance.

Air Filters

The air in your home isn’t something you can see so you might not think about it, but air filters can help you breath clean air and remain healthier year round. Change the air filters more regularly and you can even see a positive change in your energy bills.


You need to thoroughly clean your windows at least twice a year. Most homeowners clean the glass when there are fingerprints all over them and that’s about it. But you want your windows to be clean, and when you have new replacement windows, they’ll operate better, longer when you are thorough about your cleanings. Sure the glass is important, but what about wiping down the frames and oiling the hardware? You want those replacement windows to last for as long as possible and look good as well. Putting a little extra time into cleaning and maintenance will help you do just that.

If you are ready for replacement windows (keep in mind that they’ll be a lot easier to clean and maintain than your current set!) the experts at Andy’s Glass & Window Company are here to help. Give us a call at 951-677-7421 to set up a free consultation. We’re here to help with questions about windows replacement Vista, installation sessions, and even maintenance tips once you have them in your home. Stop by and see us in person at 25751 Jefferson Ave Murrieta, CA 92562!

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