Replacement Windows With Condensation

Replacement Windows With Condensation

replacement windows in Riverside, CA

It’s not unheard of for old windows to collect condensation. In fact, in certain conditions, condensation is quite normal. When you have it inside the home, or outside, there are certain conditions at play. But when you see it between the window’s panes? That when they are problems and concerns. If you just got replacement windows in Riverside, CA, and you see that condensation growing between the panes of glass again, it’s not a good thing and you need to address it right away.

Just because new windows have condensation on them does not mean the windows are at fault. IF the condensation is inside or outside, it’s because it is more humid on one side of the glass than the other. The fog and droplets of water then collect like they would on a drink on a hot summer day. But if you see that condensation happening between the panes, there are a few things that could be going on.

First, it’s possible that you didn’t get quality windows. If you focused too much on price or didn’t pay attention to the company’s reputation, perhaps you really did get faulty windows that don’t have a good seal around them. You can try a few repairs to get by or you can start over. It’s a real bummer because it’s a costly process to begin with. And that’s why you want to be super careful with it the first time around.

Second, if you installed the windows yourself, or had someone else do it and they weren’t qualified, it could be the fault installation that is causing the issue. You can’t guarantee that a window will perform as it should unless you have professional installation done. Plus, if you have someone random do the install, it voids the manufacturer’s warranty so even if you notice a problem, you’re on your own. The person could have damaged the window or improperly installed them, which is now casing the condensation between the panes.

There are ways to address condensation inside and outside. IF it’s outside, it will evaporate off on its own and not cause you much of an issue (other than not being able to see as well). You can’t control the weather. If it’s inside, you could run a dehumidifier or play with the temperature within your home to make things more even. When it’s between the panes, that’s when the real trouble starts.

If you need replacement windows in Riverside, CA, the last thing you want is for there to be condensation between the panes after the new windows are installed. To avoid that nightmare, and many others that come from making crucial mistakes, contact the professionals at

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