Are Your Windows Hard To Open Or Close?

Are Your Windows Hard To Open Or Close?

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There are lots of things that can tell you that replacement windows in Riverside, CA are in store, including the fact that your windows are hard to open and close. There are lots of reasons why windows might be hard to open or close and before you replace them, it’s a good idea to get to the root of the issue so you are sure you are doing the right thing to solve it. Here are some things to look into to see why your windows are hard to open and close.

Look For Foundation Issues

You are going to want to ensure that the foundation is in good condition. If your foundation has shifted, it might have shifted the whole house, therefore the windows may be in a different position than they were before, which could keep them shut tightly and stubbornly. Foundation issues can cause big problems and you will want to address them as soon as you notice you have them.

Try Cleaning/Lubricating

Windows go through a lot of use over the years and they need cleaning and perhaps lubricating on their tracks. If you clean the tracks and get them lubricated, you might be able to get them open again. Once you get them open, run them up and down on the tracks a few times to get them going. Then, they could be easier to operate as long as you take care of them in the future.

Look At The Paint Job

If you have maintained your windows over the years, you might have to paint them to keep them in good condition (if they are made from wood materials). Look at the paint job you did last. Is the paint covering the windows so thickly that they have been painted shut? You might have to take a puddy knife or another tool and break the seal on the paint so you can open your window again.

replacement windows in Riverside, CA

Have Professionals Look At Repair Options

If you aren’t sure why your windows won’t open and close, you are going to want to have window professionals come to your home to look at what’s going on. They can give you repair options or advise you as to what you need to do to get operational windows on your home again. Windows that won’t open and close are a pain, not only because they prevent you from getting fresh air into your house, but also because they can’t be an emergency exit, which can be a huge hazard.

Get Replacement Windows

If there’s nothing you can do to get the windows to open, or if they are too old to even bother with repairs, you might want to just get replacement windows. New windows are going to open and close like a dream and you are going to wonder why you put up with the old windows for as long as you did. When you are ready for replacement windows in Riverside, CA, call Andy’s Glass & Window Company for help.

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