8 Proven Ways to Make Your Windows Burglar Proof

8 Proven Ways to Make Your Windows Burglar Proof

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Imagine someone entering your house, taking your belongings, and terrifying your family. Do you want to hear a spooky statistic? Another home is broken into in the US every 18 seconds. That does sound like a lot, and you are correct. These figures show that a startling 4,800 homes experience the financial and emotional ups and downs of coping with being the victim of a burglary every day. One of the experts at replacement windows Riverside, CA, advises following these tips for a safer home.

The positive news? You do not need to belong to them. You would take action if there were something you could do to reduce the likelihood that a burglary would negatively affect your life. Yes, of course!

What can you do, then? Let’s explain this. Most robbers get into a house through windows or doors.

In 23% of home burglaries, the burglars enter through a window. You know what, though? In other words, you lessen your chance of becoming a victim by fortifying your fortifications and making your windows less desirable targets.

1. Use the locks on any windows that have them.

Certainly, it’s common sense, and most of us are excellent about closing and locking our windows when we are away from home for a long time. We tend to mess up when we are simply making a quick 20-minute run to fetch the kids up or grab a cup of coffee. The fact is that most burglaries occur during the daylight, and robbers are speedy.

They can ransack your house in 8–10 minutes, and they’re gone. To avoid becoming complacent, take the extra time necessary to lock all windows before leaving the house.

2. Put in place additional locks that are obvious from the outside

Your windows may not have locks, or the locks may need to be more robust. Add your window bars or secondary locks in this situation.

There are pin locks and several other window locks that work with everything from a double-hung window to sliding windows—having trouble installing it? Watch one of the countless video tutorials that walk you through the procedure on the internet; it has your back.

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3. Gardening improvements

Do you recall the incident when you were learning to ride a bike and collided with the rosebush? None of us, including robbers, choose to wriggle through thorny shrubs or other plants.

Ensure that the landscaping is groomed and won’t serve as a welcoming source of cover for a would-be burglar before using it as a deterrent near first-story windows.

Now it’s time for action – follow up on these helpful hints and be proactive. Create a plan, then take steps to burglar-proof your windows so you can stop crooks from entering your home. Please share your ideas with us. Leave a comment sharing your finest techniques for making your windows and home safer. If the pieces of advice convince you, you can visit replacement windows Riverside, CA, for windows installation or replacement.

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