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Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure Installer in Murrieta

This is the most popular shower enclosure of them all. The panels are held only by clamps and silicone. The clamps connect to where the glass needs the most support and the silicone helps seal the 1/8" gaps between the walls and panels. One of the big questions when someone gets a quote for an enclosure is: Why are frameless glass shower enclosures more expensive than the framed enclosures?

There are more fabrication requirements on a frameless enclosure than there are on a framed enclosure. For instance, the panels need holes that are drilled from both sides to provide a nice smooth hole. Anytime there is a glass panel to glass panel setup in an enclosure all components must line up 100% to ensure everything fits together properly upon installation. Framed enclosures do not require as much fabrication.

Most glass shower enclosure installer provider's offer the clamps in all the common finishes like chrome, gold, brass and brushed nickel. Other finishes are usually available by request.

Semi Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

The semi frameless glass shower door uses less framing material and is constructed of thicker metal. It's construction is very stable since it is supported on four sides.

Since there are many options of semi frameless glass showers you could make the shower stand out with beautiful frame materials or blend in to the theme of the room. Any questions feel free to ask our experienced glass shower enclosure installers.

Sliding Glass Shower & Tub Enclosure

Sliding glass shower doors consist of doors that are installed in a row of tracks either on the edge of the shower enclosure. The sliding glass shower doors function by sliding either the front or the rear door along the track to gain access.

The sliding mechanism is sturdy and sliding doors have many options give you the freedom to design the enclosure to fit the theme of your room.