Winter Window Replacement Tips

Winter Window Replacement Tips

replacement windows in Hemet, CA

If your windows are failing fast, but winter is here and you’d rather wait till spring, of course you can do that. Getting replacement windows in Hemet, CA is completely up to you, but when you think about it, winter in California isn’t that bad. And you can get discounts at times for installing during the winter since it’s not as busy for window companies. Here are a few tips to help you get through the process during the wintertime.

Tip 1: Have The Right Company Help

You need a window company that knows what they’re doing in every season to help you with your window installation. The right company will know how to optimize the project and protect your home as much as possible from the outside elements. When you talk to the technicians, they’ll mention things like closing doors to the rooms they are working on so not as much cool air comes into your home. Plus, windows are out of the house for a short amount of time before the new window is installed so your home doesn’t have to be exposed for long.

Tip 2: Choose The Right Day

Since homeowners usually go with spring or fall to install windows, you will have more flexibility in the winter months. You can look at the forecast and make sure the weather isn’t going to be dreadfully cold or rainy to make the installation go more smoothly for everyone involved.

Tip 3: Prepare The House

Since you want as little air flowing into your house as possible when it’s cold outside, make sure the home is prepared so the installers can get to work and get things done as soon as possible. Move furniture away from the windows and take pictures down. Clear paths to outlets and remove rugs out of the way. Try to trim the outside bushes back so it’s easier to work form that direction as well. The installers will be able to get to work right when they arrive.

Tip 4: Shut Registers Down

There’s no need to waste air when the windows are coming in and out of certain rooms of the house. As installers work in one area, have the air vents closed so the air can flow to other rooms in the house, but not the room that is open to the outside at that moment. When they are done, reopen that vent and close the ones in the next room instead.

These are a few tips to help you get through winter replacement windows in Hemet, CA. The installation may be an inconvenience for a day or two, but after the windows are in and your home looks and feels like new, you’ll be glad you moved forward now. The professionals at Andy’s Glass & Window Company are here to help you with installation any time of the year. Call us at (951) 677-7421 for a free consultation or with any questions you have. You can also come to our showroom at 25751 Jefferson Ave Murrietta, CA 92562.

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