Window Replacement For Bathroom Privacy

Window Replacement For Bathroom Privacy

replacement windows in Temecula, CA

There are lots of things you are going to want to consider when you are looking for replacement windows in Temecula, CA for your home. If you are going to replace windows in the bathroom, or if you want to add windows to that space to bring in natural light, privacy is going to be highly important. You are going to want windows that function well, but also give you the privacy you need in that room of the house. Here are a few options that might suit your needs in all ways.


Skylights are idea for bathrooms because they can bring in the natural light you want for that space, but they give up none of the privacy you want. When you install a skylight, you get the best of both worlds. No one can see in. However, not every bathroom has a roof above it that is conducive to a skylight. There might be another floor above the bathroom, and attic, or something else that prevents the skylight idea from working.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are another good option to consider. These windows are like double hung windows placed on their sides. They can slide open from side to side, giving you the ventilation you might want for the space. They also bring in a lot of natural light. The nice thing about sliding windows is that you can place them high on the wall, like above a tub, and they are closer to the ceiling than other windows. People can’t see through them and into your bathroom, but you get the functions you wanted.

Etched Glass Options

If you have windows in the bathroom already and they are more standard, like casement or double hung windows, when you replace them, you might look into fogged or etched glass. This type of glass is something that light comes through, but people can’t see through. It can help you to restore the privacy in your bathroom while you still get the functions you are looking to have in that space.

replacement windows in Temecula, CA


If you want to get standard windows for cost purposes, or because you like things they way they are, you can always get window coverings that you can manipulate to cover the windows when needed and to open when you want light and ventilation. There are plenty of window covering options to consider as you move forward with the choices.

When you are looking into replacement windows in Temecula, CA for your home, the whole house will have considerations and you should think about room by room issues as well. The bathroom needs privacy and there are ways to meet those needs and still get what you want in windows. The professionals at Andy’s Glass & Window Company are here to help you with the options from start to finish. We can come to your house for a free consultation whenever you are ready and talk through the bathroom and other rooms of the house to ensure that you get what you need in every room.

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