Why Tempered Glass Should Be Used in Homes

Why Tempered Glass Should Be Used in Homes

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Perhaps you believe you have already implemented additional security measures for your home. Great, but keep reading since tempered glass serves many purposes than preventing intruders. Additionally, we will discuss how this particular glass can shield you and your loved ones from unintentional harm. And if you are looking for a window service provider, contact replacement windows in Temecula, CA.

Do you desire to know more about this unique glass’s operation? Let’s begin by briefly presenting the world of glass. Since most of us don’t know much about glass, it is the same. But consider that there are numerous varieties of glass, each with a specific function.

You may be asking at this point what kind of glass is used in typical windows and how to determine whether the windows you currently have are made of ordinary glass or tempered glass. However, we must first become familiar with both varieties before deciding the sort of glass we own.

What Type of Glass is Used in Windows and Doors?

Annealed Glass

Annealed glass is the typical type of glass that is typically used in simple residential windows. It is a softer glass that was produced slowly to assist it in tolerating temperature changes.

Tempered Glass

Tempered or toughened glass is a more robust variety that is also used in residences and commercial buildings. It is a form of safety glass that experiences rapid heating and cooling during production, which gives it its strength.

Tempered glass must be used in specified locations, such as shower doors, hot tubs, and staircases, where there is a higher chance of someone falling through the glass. Although it costs more than other varieties of ordinary glass, it is the safest choice.

What Characterizes Quality Tempered Glass?

Durability and safety are two reasons why tempered glass is a popular window material.


Do you want to know how much stress a tempered window can withstand? Although golf balls and baseballs may bounce off windows made of tempered glass, they destroy the annealed glass. The next time you see a group of neighborhood youngsters walking down the street to play baseball, keep that in mind.


A glass of this kind is more durable than regular glass—fair warning: even windows made of tempered glass can break. However, when they do, they break very differently than windows made of annealed glass. The security of your family is at stake here.

The tempered glass comes into play here. Tempered glass shatters into smaller, shinier, and more spherical fragments than annealed glass. The chances of your loved ones cutting themselves on the smooth edges of broken glass are significantly reduced.

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Knowing Whether Glass Has Been Tempered

So how are your windows made of tempered glass already? According to replacement windows in Temecula, CA, it’s simpler than you might think to determine whether your glass is indeed tempered.

Start by looking for a “Tempered” or “Temp” etched stamp in one of the window sides.

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