Unique Window Replacement Ideas

Unique Window Replacement Ideas

Do you need a new window? We have some great ideas for your replacement! Check out these unique windows to make your home even more beautiful.

Windows are one of the most important aspects of a home. They’re not just for letting in light and air, they also protect from intruders or weather. However, as time goes on windows wear out and need to be replaced. Window replacement can be expensive so it’s important to get creative with what you have before making a purchase! You’ve just gotten through with window replacement.

window replacement ideas

Check out our list of unique window replacements ideas – these will make your home look beautiful and keep it warm without breaking the bank!

Here are some ideas for your window replacement project:

1) Use window blinds instead of curtains

Blinds are cheaper than window curtains and you don’t have to worry about them getting too dusty. Close the window blinds at night to keep away electromagnetic radiation or street lights (if you live in a city).

2) Use tempered glass

Tempered window glass is clearer than ordinary window glass and it stops flying debris if your window faces aggressive weather. It’s also stronger and resistant to breakage.

3) Use mirrored tinted window glass

Mirrored window panes reflect sunlight into your home, keeping the inside cool in the summer. You may consider adding one large mirror instead of several small ones – this will create an illusion of more space while doubling as a photo frame for friends and family.

4) Use window glass that doesn’t allow UV rays in

Some insulation can be added to window glass that makes it more energy-efficient and blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays. While this will block your view of the outside, you can opt for a window with a view – like basement windows or skylights.

5) Make sure there’s window film on all your windows

The film is easy to apply and keep up and works as both protection against breakage and frosting if you live somewhere cooler like Canada. For example window films that change color is great alternatives to curtains too!

6) Add some window art with decals

Decorating the exterior of your home is easy with window art decals. If you want your windows to really stand out, you can always try window art decals. Not only will your window look different than your neighbors, but it will also be protected from the sun. These window art decals are great and will bring out the creativity in you.

7) Trade Out A Window Bank For A Bay Or Bow Window

A bank of casement or double-hung windows in your front room is going to bring in a lot of light, but a bay or bow window will bring in more and give you a larger view since you can see out the sides as well. These windows jut out of your house so they take a little construction and more from the budget, but they add actual square footage to your home and architectural interest inside and out. They are a lovely addition to most homes and make a great reading nook.

8) Add A Shaped Window Above A Door

Your entry door might seem normal, but you could add a new level of interest there as well with a geometric window above it. Consider a circle, octagon, or even a rectangle on its side longways. Putting a window above the door will bring light to the entryway without taking away any privacy.

9) Upgrade With Low-E Glass

While standard windows are great in quality and better than the windows you have now, there are ways to make them even better with upgrades. Consider low-E glass, triple panes, inert gas fillings, and other upgrades you see fit for your home and budget. These upgrades will make your energy bills go lower and your comfort higher.

10) Put In A Skylight

There might be some areas of the home where you aren’t comfortable adding a window, like a bathroom. You might not have space for a window in other areas, like the kitchen. But you can still get more natural light, if you’d like, by adding a skylight. You can enjoy the lighting without taking up any wall space or taking away any privacy.

unique window replacement ideas

These are a few unique ideas that can make your replacement windows in Riverside, CA all that much more special. Since you don’t take on a project like this very often (most homeowners only have to do it once) you want to get just what you’d like to have from the project. That might mean switching out old windows for new models that are similar or it might mean making changes. Whatever you end up wanting, contact the professionals at Andy’s Glass & Window Company for help. Call us at (951) 677-7421 for a free consultation or visit us in our showroom at 25751 Jefferson Ave Murrieta, CA 92562.

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