Signs That Window Replacement Installation Went Poorly

Signs That Window Replacement Installation Went Poorly

replacement windows in Riverside, CA

You are careful about choosing the details you need in your replacement windows in Riverside, CA, and you should be. Every detail is important and is going to come together to create the windows that will be on your home for many years into the future. When you are making an investment this large and important, you want the details to be just right. It only makes sense to have professional installation done so you can guarantee that the windows you carefully chose will operate well and be installed properly. However, professional installation does cost more and some people try to get away with going for a cheaper option at the end of this project. Here are a few signs that the non-professional installer you chose didn’t do things quite right.

There Are Gaps In The Windows

You should never see gaps in your brand new windows. They should be straight and flush against the wall. If you see gaps, that’s a horrible sign that something went wrong and the windows aren’t in right. You need to get help right away or the results you are hoping for are going to be dismal instead of exciting.

You Feel Air Leaks

Once the new windows go in, you are going to expect to have no air leaks, as you should. However, with improper installation, you could very well feel air leaks right away. That’s not a good thing at all. You might notice that the air is still wafting through the room, which means the windows weren’t put in right.

The Results Aren’t High

When the new windows start working, you should see lower energy bills. If the bills don’t go down and you aren’t receiving the comfort in your home that you know you should, there’s an issue with the installation process. The windows are new and they’re likely fine. But the way they were installed may not be fine.

Glass Is Noisy

Old glass might rattle in the frames, but new glass should stand still and strong—if it’s installed right. If your windows are rattling with the wind or when cars go by, that’s a sign that the installation was done poorly and you are going to have other issues very soon.

replacement windows in Riverside, CA

Windows Are Still Hard To Open

One reason you might have been excited about replacement windows is because your old windows were hard to open and close. Now, the new windows, for some reason, are also hard to open or close. That’s not right. They’re brand new products and they should work with ease—like a breeze. If they don’t, they weren’t installed right and you need to look into the issue.

When you are in the market for replacement windows in Riverside, CA, it’s a big investment, one you need to finish off with professional installation. If you opt out of pro installs, you are likely going to have issues and you need to know the signs that things aren’t right so you can spot them as they arise.

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