Replacement Windows Of The Future

Replacement Windows Of The Future

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There have been so many advancements in the window world, it’s hard to keep up…especially if you haven’t gotten replacement windows in Riverside, CA for a number of years. Every homeowner goes through the project once, it seems, but not usually more than that. There’s no real reason for you to keep up with the enhancements in the window world unless you work for a window company. Those technicians keep track and you can use their knowledge when you need it. Once you’re ready to install new windows, it’s interesting to see how far they’ve come. And as you think about technology and wonder what the future will begin, you might think about what advancements will come to the window world as time continues. Here are a few things that, who knows, could be on the docket someday.

Quadruple Pane Glass

Homes used to have single pane glass until window companies recognized how inefficient they were. Then, they started making double pane glass and today, that’s standard. You don’t want to get single pane glass at all unless it’s a garage or shop window or something that doesn’t need insulation. Today, there’s also triple pane glass that can be an added option on windows for your home. You get another layer of glass and another layer of air or inert gas fillings between the glass, which further insulates your home from noise, air, and everything else that occurs outside. Who knows, maybe someday manufacturers will add yet another layer, making the glass practically sound proof.

Other Fillings

In the past, double pane glass has air fillings between the panes. That’s standard today as well and it helps to insulate the windows and stop air from flowing through the panes. If you want an upgrade on efficiency, you might consider an inert gas filling. There are two options: argon and krypton and both are denser than air, which makes them even better insulators. In the future, who knows, maybe there will be another harmless gas or a different element that can go between the panes to make the air flow lessen even further.

Automatic Windows

There’s a little bit of this going on right now, but wouldn’t it be something to be able to program your windows to open and close at certain times of the day? You could connect them to an app so you would be able to change that timing any time you want, like if it was raining. You could come home to fresh air in your house at the end of the day or hear the birds chirp first thing in the morning because the window opened on its own. It would also help you avoid forgetting to close them at certain times.

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