Replacement Windows Can Prevent Break Ins

Replacement Windows Can Prevent Break Ins

replacement windows in Temecula, CA

There are many things you might ask from replacement windows in Temecula, CA when you decide that your home needs those windows. If you want safety for your family, windows could be a key to getting that on your home. Windows that don’t open and close, for example, are a real safety hazard because they are no help in an emergency situation where you need an alternative exit. Older windows can even invite intruders to give your home a try, which you absolutely do not want. In order to avoid that weak spot on your home, consider these details about replacement windows.

Install New Windows

Before you get into the details, keep in mind that simply getting new replacement windows is going to help your home prevent breaks in. Older windows might be easier to pry open from outside and they might have glass that is simple and easy to break. That invites intruders to give your home a try whereas new windows are a deterrence. New windows have thicker, double pane glass and they are impossible to pry open from outside. Those things alone are going to work wonders on keeping people from breaking in.

Locks Are Useful

You can’t really blame the windows for the break in if you leave them open and unlocked all of the time. Once you get the new windows installed, they are going to come with great, technologically advanced locks—use them. If you aren’t home, keep the windows on the main floor closed and locked. When you are asleep at night, also keep them closed and locked on the main floor. Locks can’t be breached from outside, but only if you use them as intended.

Get Impact Resistant Glass

New windows come standard with double pane glass and you can even upgrade to triple pane, both of which are options that are harder to break through than single pane glass. But if you’re worried about an intruder breaking the glass and getting into your home (or you worry about a kid having an accident and breaking a window!) getting impact resistant glass can take that worry away completely. This type of glass doesn’t break, even if you throw a brick at it, so there are no chances of someone breaking the glass and getting in.

replacement windows in Temecula, CA

Look Into Extra Locks

New locks on windows are excellent, but if you are really worried, you can get better locks or you can even install some extra locks. Double locks can prevent a lot and keep your home as safe as you want it to be while giving you extra peace of mind.

Replacement windows in Temecula, CA can do a lot for your home, including preventing breaks ins. When you look at the options with the experts at Andy’s Glass & Window Company, bring up your home safety goals and we can offer customized suggestions that can help you get just what you need and want for your house. New windows will take the home a long way, but upgrades can help even more.

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