Replacement Windows: All At Once Or One Room At A Time?

Replacement Windows: All At Once Or One Room At A Time?

Lake Elsinore, CA replacement windows

If you need Lake Elsinore, CA replacement windows, as the homeowner, you get to decide how the project is done. Perhaps you’d like to save up a little at a time and do one room of the house at a time. On the other hand, maybe you want to get it all over with at once. Which direction should you go? Here are some advantages of getting the whole house done at the same time.

Advantage 1: One Installation

Installation takes about half an hour per window. If you do the whole house, you can get the project out of the way in one or two days. Doing it one room at a time works, but you will have to be there to let the installers in each time, which can be an inconvenience for you. Plus, installing windows takes a little demo so there will be dust left behind. It’s easier to dust and vacuum the house once instead of doing it every time the installation is complete.

Advantage 2: Cost Savings

It might sound reasonable to put in a few windows, then save up more money to put in more. However, when the entire project is done, you will have spent more than you would have putting all the windows in at once. You can often get discounts for buying in bulk. If you buy windows for the whole house, it costs less than buying them individually a little at a time. Plus, you only have to pay for one installation over paying for it several times.

Advantage 3: Heightened Energy Savings

Replacing the windows in one room can help your energy efficiency, but if you still have leaky windows in other rooms, it won’t really help all that much. When you replace a whole house full of windows, they’re all efficient and lack air leaks. They work together to give you the best energy efficiency you can have. That’s a great way to bolster your home’s efficiency and lower your bills as far as possible.

If you are ready for Lake Elsinore, CA replacement windows, but you aren’t sure if you should do all of the windows at once or a little at a time, talk to professionals about the advantages of taking on the project all at once. A few windows at a time is better than nothing so if that’s all you can do, do it. However, doing all of the windows at once can definitely be the right move if you have options. Contact Andy’s Glass & Window Company by calling (951) 677-7421 with your questions or to set up a free consultation. We’re here to help with the project in any way we can. We want you to be able to make informed decisions every step of the way. Stop by our showroom to see the windows we offer at 25751 Jefferson Ave, Murietta, CA 92562 and we can answer specific questions you have as you browse.

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