Protecting Your House One Window At A Time

Protecting Your House One Window At A Time

replacement windows in Riverside, CA

You want your house to be a safe place to live and part of that might mean getting replacement windows in Riverside, CA when your old windows are worn and failing. There are lots of things you can get in new windows that will aid you in protecting your house. Here are just a few examples and options that you can consider as you move down the path to new windows.

The Double Pane Glass

If you have really old windows, they might only have single pane glass. That glass really doesn’t do much good. Air can flow right through it. When you get new windows, even if you just get standard windows, they are going to come with double pane glass. That’s going to more than double the amount of efficiency you have in your home. There are two panes of glass, but there are also air spaces between those panes, which insulate the house even more. You are protecting your home from the outside air and improving efficiency in big ways.

The Easy Functions

You might not worry about the fact that your old windows won’t open—until you need them. Windows are supposed to act as emergency exits in case there’s ever a fire or another event that would cause you to need to get out of your house fast. If your windows won’t open because they are too warped, or have been painted shut, perhaps you should worry about that. It’s a hazard in your house and you would feel so awful if anything happened to your family because of those old windows not working properly. It’s better to protect your home, and your family, by getting new windows. New windows are going to open and close like a dream with the touch of a few fingers. The easy function helps you to ventilate your house, and protect people in case of emergency.

replacement windows in Riverside, CA

The Noise Reduction

You’d like to have a nice, quiet house, but you knew the home was on a busy street when you chose it so now, what do you do? When you get new windows, double pane glass will block a lot more noise than single pane, old windows. You can also upgrade to triple pane glass, if you want, and that will block even more of the outside noise. You’ll have the peace you want so you can relax whenever you’d like.

There are lots of other ways to protect your home through replacement windows in Riverside, CA. Consider low-E glass as another option. This glass blocks the heat and UV rays of the sun so there’s no heat coming in and no fading furniture, flooring, and other items. When you want to hear all of the details about home protection, the professionals at Andy’s Glass & Window Company are here to give you a free consultation. We can go over the basics and stick around in case you have questions you want answered about the process.

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