Performing An Energy Audit

Performing An Energy Audit

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You might know that your home is using more energy than you would like and there are always ways to cut back on that, but how can you pinpoint them? There are professionals who can come into your home and do an energy audit for you, but you can also perform your own audit and at least get started on things you want to change to make higher energy efficiency a reality in your home. You might recognize the need for replacement windows in Riverside, CA, for example, among other changes. Here are some things to look over within your home.

Verify Insulation Levels

Insulation codes have changed over the years and you may find that your attic has the old level of insulation and not what you should have to meet today’s standards. Find out what the codes are today and then check your insulation levels. Something as simple as adding more insulation to the attic can help you to give your home the energy efficiency you want. It can save you money on your energy bills on a monthly basis.

Tune Up The Heating And Cooling System

Your heating and cooling system is partly in charge of your home’s efficiency. When the system is working effectively and efficiently, you will use less energy and save money. If there’s anything out of line or something that needs a repair, the system will work harder, waste energy, and cost you more. Check to see when the last time was that you got a tune up and run other maintenance things, like putting in new filters.

Swap Out Light Bulbs

Lighting is important to any home, but you want your lights to cost less and use less energy, not the other way around. See what bulbs you have in place and as they go out, switch them out for LED lights that last longer and use less energy at the same time. It’s a small thing, but it can make a difference.

replacement windows in Riverside, CA

Check The Windows And Doors

If your home is leaking air through old windows and doors, that can be one of the biggest, most important changes you make to your home to enhance efficiency. You lose more air through windows and doors than anywhere else, most likely. If those products are old and leaking, you need to replace them before you take on too many other energy efficiency changes. They will make the hugest difference and that will help you to see what else you might want to do in your home.

If you perform an energy audit and decide that you need replacement windows in Riverside, CA, it’s important to get the professionals at Andy’s Glass & Window Company to help you with the process. You can have us come to your home for a free consultation and assessment. We can confirm that you do, indeed, need new windows and that can help you feel good about moving forward with this investment into your home’s efficiency and future.

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