Do More Panes Mean More Efficiency

Do More Panes Mean More Efficiency

When you are looking into window replacement, you want something energy efficient that will protect your home and look nice while doing it. If you sat down and made a list of all the things you wanted your new windows to do for your San Marcos, CA home, it might seem like it’s a bit too long. Windows that sound too good to be true often are, right? Not necessarily! As you look through the features, you might wonder what added panes of glass will do for your home. You know one pane of glass isn’t enough. In fact, windows aren’t even sold that way anymore. Two panes are as low as you can go. But you can add an extra pane and have three panes of glass on your windows replacement project. What difference does that third pane make? Let’s take a look at the benefits.

Lower Energy Bills

When you have a third pane of glass in your window replacement, you will have lower energy bills. There will be less heat transfer through the windows because of that extra layer and that will make your bills go down. You could decrease your bills by as much as 20% because of that single pane of glass that is added to the other two. Keep in mind that when you have another pane, you also have another layer of air or gas.

Added Comfort

You just want your home to be comfortable and when you have triple-pane glass and less heat transfer, you’ll have a more comfortable interior as well. No matter how hot or cold is it outside in the California sun, you’ll be comfortable inside.

Reduced Noise

It’s nice to have peace and quiet in your home without the noise of traffic, neighbors, construction, or anything else. Another layer of glass will help you get noise reduction in your home. Don’t worry about what’s going on outside because you are less likely to hear it with that extra layer.

Fewer Problems with Condensation

When you have water dripping down the pane, it can damage your window sill, frame, or even your wall. When you have triple-pane glass, the windows are warmer to the touch and they won’t have as much condensation building on them.

Is it Worth the Cost?

Triple-pane windows cost more than double-pane options. When you get more features on windows replacement, you have to pay more. You will have to weigh whether the extra cost is worth your effort. If you plan to stay in your home a long time, paying more for the windows makes sense because you will be the one getting the energy savings.

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