Natural Light And Your Home

Natural Light And Your Home

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If you have an older home, the style can be very charming. But there may be things about it you wish you could change. Take the windows, for example, if you were to look at your general windows with a window of the same size from today, you would be able to see a big difference. Today, windows have smaller frames and larger glass spaces due to technological advancements. Older windows have larger frames, which leaves less space for glass. If you are thinking about getting replacement windows in Temecula, CA, just that action alone is going to bring more natural light into your home. But there are also other things you can do to let more light in. Here are some options to consider.

Light From Above–Consider Skylights

Wall space can be limited in any home. If you want more light, but don’t have much wall space to dedicate to the cause, consider bringing light in from above, especially in certain rooms of the house. Skylights can work great in the kitchen, for example, a room that can’t really ever have too much natural light. They are also great in bathrooms, which often have limited wall space, but are spaces where you need the ultimate levels of privacy, too. Bringing the natural light in from above can help you get all of your goals met without messing with wall space.

Add Windows Around Existing Windows

Just getting the new windows is going to help you to have more light, but you can get even more light into your home by adding more windows around the windows you already have. Older homes sometimes have limited windows and at that, they are smaller. You could add windows around the windows you already have, like beside or above, and let in more light than you dreamed you could have.

Make Your Windows Larger

If you like the number of windows you have and where they are, you could perhaps try to make those windows larger instead of adding anything. Adding even a few inches on every side can make a huge difference in how much light you can bring into the house for natural lighting. Since older homes generally had smaller windows, it’s often simple and easy to make the windows larger and have that be a huge difference in your home’s lighting abilities.

replacement windows in Temecula, CA

Switch To Glass Doors

If your entry and back doors are solid, you might consider getting something new there that can let in more light. Get a front door with a glass cut out and switch the back door to sliding glass doors or another option that lets the light stream in. That kind of natural light will make that entry way look great, and the back of the house will feel more like an indoor/outdoor living space.

As you consider the lighting options, you might worry about too much heat coming in. But there are replacement windows in Temecula, CA that can have low-E glass on them to block that heat.

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