Let The Window Replacement Rush Begin

Let The Window Replacement Rush Begin

replacement windows in Murrieta, CA

While other parts of the country are sighing in relief that winter is coming to an end, the snow is melting, and the sun is out once again, those who live in California don’t have as big of a change. It’s still nice to see the temperatures rise and become more consistent. Spring is a popular time for outdoor home projects and replacement windows in Murrieta, CA is one project that is very popular for the spring and summer months in this area. If you did your planning during the winter months, you can tackle the process right away. Otherwise, here are some tips to help you get your windows during the most popular replacement time of the year:

Make Appointments

You want your window representative to give you the attention you need. If you drop in unannounced, of course, they will try and help you. But there might be a handful of other customers in the store that also need help and their attentiveness to you might not be as high as it would be if you had an appointment. By making an appointment, the window company will block time out of their day just for you. They will have a dedicated representative there to help you and only you. You get the attention you need and they are able to answer the questions you have without any frustration on your part.

Schedule Installation Fast

The installation calendar fills up quickly in the spring and it can be weeks before you can get a slot if you want too long. Instead of waiting to schedule that installation until you are completely ready, get it on the books while you wait for your windows to come in so you are sure to get a time that is convenient for you.

Make Lists

When you are visiting with the window representatives, either by phone or in person, it’s nice to ask as many questions as you have at one time so you can get the information you have all at once and so you don’t have to try and fit yourself in a second time soon. Make lists of those questions and save them up so you are able to make the most of everyone’s time.

When you need replacement windows in Murrieta, CA, spring is the busiest season to go through the process. But you can get the professional advice you need from Andy’s Glass & Window Company any time of the year when you call (951) 677-7421. We expect to be busier in the spring so we prepare for it. We’ll be here to help you and anyone else who needs us. You’re welcome to just stop by our showroom to browse and see what we offer when you have a few moments at 25751 Jefferson Ave Murrieta, CA 92562. You can also call for a free in-home consultation or just to ask questions to get yourself started on the right path for this important project for your home.

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