If you’ve yet to meet a Temecula/Murrieta native—now you have! My family moved to the Temecula Valley (then Rancho California) circa 1972 when the land was affordable and vast, with a small population of only 2,770 (now 226,376). Hard to believe, isn’t it?

I attended Murrieta Elementary when it was K-8th and graduated from TVHS in its second year of existence. It was the only high school in all the valley. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to move to the city, it moved to me! Having deep roots in this area has been extremely beneficial in my professional career. In 2003, I purchased Andy’s Glass and Window in Murrieta, from my boss. With my passion for administration and a curious mind for business, I have been able to maintain and grow an established company in the community that reflects both my professional and personal values.

• CEO, Miran Enterprises, Inc. dba/Andy’s Glass & Window Co.
• Managing Member, RLAC, LLC.
• Woman Business Enterprise Certified
• Licensed C17 Glazing Contractor
• The Bridge Church, Temecula

Business Philosophies
Cultivating a culture where employees, customers, and partners all win is exactly the environment I’ve nurtured at Andy’s Glass. As a leader, it’s important for me to create a workplace that’s fun, customer-focused, and welcoming of ideas and innovation. I have always sought to inspire those around me to be their best. In my approach to managing a business, I’ve focused on hiring the “right people,” which to me means they share my values, drive, and moral compass. Supporting my employees isn’t just something that sounds good in theory; rather, it’s something I practice every day. By creating such a culture and always striving to exceed customer expectations, we’ve been able to ensure this company survives and thrives in the ever-changing construction/service field in California.

One thing I am not; is a ship without a sail. My goals for the year ahead and beyond are to bring inspirational energy to those around me in both my professional and personal life. Supporting others in their quest to achieve a happy life really matters to me, whether that’s helping an employee learn new skills or providing new windows to a customer that adds value to their home. One objective for the new year is to expand our administration space in our current facility, so that we can add to our team and better serve our customers.

Personal development has long been part of my career. One of the most impactful has been the PSI Seminar Series (Personal Success Institute) and consider anyone from that program to have provided me some type of mentorship. The PSI focus is on operating from a place responsibility and accountability rather than being the victim. The teachings encourage those to create connections in life and business where everyone can prosper. I’ve also always found it useful to surround myself with other business owners, listening to their experiences and situations and learning from them.

Favorite Reading
The Bible, The Four Agreements, Who Moved my Cheese, and The Red Tent.

I am a graduate with honors from the school of hard knocks with a 4.0. After high school, I went straight into the workforce mainly in administrative or bookkeeping roles. After purchasing Andy’s Glass & Window in 2003, I took several college courses in accounting principles to understand the best way to run a business from a financial perspective.

I have learned from many people throughout the years, mostly what to do and sometimes what not to do and so far, I am still a business owner 20+ years later. I am very fortunate and honored.

About Andy’s Glass & Window
Andy’s opened its doors circa 1976 and decades later we continue to be a staple business of the Temecula Valley. We service both residential and commercial clients offering wide variety of products and services. We provide and install New Construction or Replacement Windows and Doors, Entry Doors and Bi-Fold or MultiSlide outdoor living door systems. We are also a full-service glass contractor offering glass and mirror products and installation. Our “glass & mirror” jobs are diverse and include work such as glass shower/tub enclosures, glass fencing, cabinet glass, mirrored bars, mirrored walls, tabletops, and custom glass room enclosures. Our website, Andysglass.com, has a wonderful photo gallery. We operate from a 9,300-sf commercial building south bound Jefferson Avenue in Murrieta (between Murrieta Hot Springs Rd. & Winchester Rd.) Our clients are homeowners, contractors and business owners and we welcome the public alike to visit our showroom at 25751 Jefferson Avenue, Murrieta. We are open Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.

Murrieta, CA


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