Didn’t Use Professional Installation? Here Are Signs

Didn’t Use Professional Installation? Here Are Signs

replacement windows in Riverside, CA

There are lots of things that you will have to decide when you are going to get replacement windows in Riverside, CA. No matter what windows you end up with, it’s going to be an investment. Once you order the perfect windows, you then have to figure out how to install them. The best answer is always to have professional installation done. In fact, that’s the only answer that you should consider. However, a lot of people don’t go that direction and instead, have family members or friends do the installation so they can save money. IF you went that direction, here are some signs that things didn’t go well.

You Can See The Windows Are Crooked

Once the windows are installed, you will gaze at them and appreciate the decisions you made that put them together. If you notice that the window seems like it’s leaning one direction or another, that’s not a good sign. The windows should be completely even and level. That is a very important part of ensuring they give you the functions you want and need for your home. If you can see with your eyes that they are crooked, that’s not a good sign for the installation having gone well.

You See Caulk Cracks

After the installation process is completed, the installer will caulk around the windows to ensure no air leaks in around them. That caulk should be smooth since, after all, it’s new. If you can see cracks in the caulk, the windows have already shifted and are not in place in the correct manner. Caulk shouldn’t start to crack until years later when it needs replacement—certainly not right away.

You Try To Open The Window, And Struggle

New windows are just that—new. Everything on them is brand new and should operate in a simple, easy manner. When you try to open the windows, if they are hard to open, something is wrong. They should open and close with very little effort. The installation must not have gone well because you know it’s not the windows that are the issue.

replacement windows in Riverside, CA

You Notice Air Drafts

Many homeowners get new windows because their home is no longer efficient. When there’s air leaking in and out through the windows, you’re going to have discomfort, drafts, and energy efficiency issues. When you get new windows, you should see a huge rise in comfort and efficiency. Your energy bills should lower and stay nice and low each month. If you get those new windows put in, and you still feel the air wafting through those windows, the installation didn’t go well and you are going to want to fix it up in order to get the results you want and deserve.

When you get replacement windows in Riverside, CA for your home, it’s a big investment and it takes a lot of time and effort to get things into place. You don’t want to waste that money, or your time, by getting anything less than a professional installation.

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