Cutting Out The Mess Of Window Replacement

Cutting Out The Mess Of Window Replacement

Lake Elsinore, CA window replacement

You might be really excited about Lake Elsinore, CA window replacement on your home, but you may not be looking forward to the mess that sometimes comes along with the project. While installers will do their best to keep your home as clean as possible, there is some dust involved with the demolition part of the project. That dust can float to a number of locations in your house. Here are a few things you can do to cut as much of the mess out of the process as possible.  

Put Down Furniture And Floor Covers 

The installers will likely cover items to protect them, but to make absolutely sure nothing get damaged, it never hurts to cover certain things yourself. Put down plastic on the paths workers will need and cover furniture with sheets.  

Hire A Cleaning Company 

While you probably take care of light cleaning yourself, once the new windows go in, you just want your house back in order. Hire a professional cleaning company to send people to come through, dust, vacuum, and deep clean your home so it doesn’t look like any construction took place at all. You’re left with a brand new looking home with bright, fresh windows.  

Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned 

Air duct cleaning is something every home needs on occasion. After you have a construction project done in your house, it’s a good time to have that done. If you have asthma or allergies, you especially needs those ducts to be as clean as possible. You don’t want dust from the project flying around the house in a never-ending manner. Think about scheduling this process for not long after the windows go in.  

Watch The Cleanup 

If you hire a reputable window company, the installers will clean up after themselves as best they can. However, they might do an even better job if you are home when they put the windows in and there to watch the cleanup take place. They don’t want you to see them leaving things behind that they could easily clean up before they go.  

Putting in new windows isn’t going to be a completely clean job without any mess. But any mess created is worth it once you have your new windows installed. If you’re interested in Lake Elsinore, CA window replacementcontact the experts at Andy’s Glass & Window Company. You can stop into our showroom and check out the options we carry at 25751 Jefferson Ave Murrieta, CA 92562. Our friendly representatives can show you around and answer your questions in person. You can also give us a call and set up a free consultation appointment at (951) 677-7421. We can even come to your house, assess your current windows, take measurements, and offer expert recommendations based on what your home needs for the highest levels of efficiency. Check out details on our website at and let’s get together soon to start your replacement process. We’ll help you figure out how to avoid as much of the mess as possible. 

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