Customize your Vinyl Windows

When we say custom vinyl windows, we mean it! At Andy’s Glass & Window Company, the sky’s the limit. The only real limitation is your imagination. What are you dreaming up for your home in Corona, CA? Come to us and we’ll make it happen! Here are a few of the ways we make your dreams for certain vinyl windows come alive.

One-on-one attention

When you work with Andy’s Glass & Window Company, you’ll get the special attention you deserve. We understand that new vinyl windows can make or break your home in many ways. They will dictate the appearance of your house. They will be in charge of your home’s energy efficiency. And they will allow you a certain amount of viewing space to see your surroundings. That and so many other things need to be thought through in detail as you plan for vinyl windows Corona, CA. Since you don’t work with windows on a daily basis, it’s important to work side by side with someone who does. And that’s why we plan out every detail of your vinyl windows with you. We want to make sure you get the elegant, efficient windows you want and we’ll give you every minute of time you need in order to get the design right.

Manufacturer Options

When you work with us, you have a number of manufacturer options when it comes to vinyl windows. We work closely with Milgard, Jeld-Wen, and PlyGem. All of these manufacturers offer high-quality windows, but we want you to have a range of choices so you end up with the exact windows you want. Once you choose a manufacturer, we’ll be able to go through the options that are available with each. You can choose, colors, styles, hardware and many other elements.


Any time you buy a custom window, it’s going to cost a little more than something you purchase right off the rack. But that doesn’t mean it has to break your budget. At Andy’s Glass & Window Company, we want you to get the window you want at a price you can afford. Since we have a good relationship with our manufacturers and often order windows in bulk, we can pass those savings along to you. Whether you buy one window or a whole house full of windows, we’ll work with you to get that custom window into your home at a price you can afford.

If you’re ready to take the leap and start customizing windows for your home in Corona, CA, contact Andy’s Glass & Window Company today at 951-677-7421. We’ve been serving the area since the 1970s and we’ve survived a lot of economy bumps along the road to prove to our customers that we have real staying power. With superior replacement windows, high-quality installation technicians, and overall exceptional service, homeowners will get a company with the best reputation around. Stop by and see examples of our windows for yourself! Our showroom is located at 25751 Jefferson Ave Murrieta, CA 92562.

The Importance of Energy Efficient Windows in the Summer

If you have lived in Corona, CA for any length of time, you know the summers can be lovely. But they can also be hot and humid! When it comes time to beat the heat in your home, there’s not much else that will work harder for you than your windows. If those windows are energy efficient, you can rest assured that your home will remain cool for the duration of the hottest days. If not, well, you might want to get replacement windows before the heat turns up too high outside. Here are some important factors that energy efficient windows provide to your Corona, CA home in the summer.

-Improve Insulation

The windows on your home play a huge role in maintaining the air seal in your house. When your home has a proper seal, the windows are more effective at keeping out drafts. When drafts stay out, your cool air stays in and you won’t have to use as much energy. Homeowners are often surprised at how much success they get from energy efficient windows when it comes to keeping the hot, humid air out. The windows are a barrier between the interior of your home and the California summer heat. Your rooms are cool and pleasant and you’re not using as much energy at the same time!

-Protect Belongings

Energy efficient windows will help to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, but they will also come with special UV coatings that block harmful rays from entering your home. This works in two ways. First, ultraviolet rays can damage and fade your carpets, furniture, woods, and other items in your home. By keeping out those damaging rays, you are protecting the beauty and longevity of your furniture, flooring, and other belongings. Second, sun rays are hot! When you keep the harmful rays out, you are making your home cooler automatically. That will help when the sun beats down on the hottest California days! You’ll still get the natural light you want, but without all the heat that generally comes with it.

These are just a few of the important factors in having energy efficient windows Corona, CA on your Corona, CA home during the summer. If you want to talk about other benefits, or you’re ready to make an upgrade, contact Andy’s Glass & Window Company at 951-677-7421. We have been serving customers with customized window installation since the 1970s and we offer nothing but the best quality in residential windows and replacement windows. You’ll also get a fair price when you come to us without any added costs at the end that sneak up on you. Stop by our showroom and take a look at the quality materials from the top of the line manufacturers that we offer. We’re located at 25751 Jefferson Ave Murrieta, CA 92562 and we’re here to help ensure you get the best windows for your individual home at a fair price that fits your budget.

Window Materials Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re looking into replacement windows for your existing house in Riverside, CA, or you are building a new home for the first time, finding the right style at the right budget shouldn’t be complicated and confusing. Granted, there are a lot of options out there, but it is good to know details on each so you can narrow down the choices to what will work best in your home. To cut back on the confusion and help you streamline the planning process, Andy’s Glass & Window Company has put together a brief breakdown of popular window materials along with some of the unique benefits of each.


Wood gives any home a natural warmth and beauty unlike any other material, but it is also highly vulnerable to the elements. Wood also takes quite a bit of maintenance in order to retain its original beauty. Wood does best in median temperature climates and Riverside, CA often gets rather hot and humid. Though it is beautiful, there are other options that might be better for your home in this region.


Vinyl is the most popular window material in the country. Because of its high insulation factors and energy efficiency, no home can go wrong by choosing vinyl windows. Homeowners can expect to save on utility and maintenance costs as well as on the up front material costs when they choose vinyl windows. Not everyone appreciates the appearance of vinyl, but they come in many different colors and styles today.


Composite is similar to fiberglass and can withstand the test of time with very little maintenance, like vinyl. This material is a cross between wood and vinyl and they are rather affordable. If you like the look of wood, but want something more durable that takes less work, composite might be a good option.


Aluminum is easy to maintain and has high levels of durability as well. It is less expensive than some other frames and offers a great option for replacement windows or new construction projects.


Fiberglass is one of the newest materials on the replacement windows Riverside, CA market, but it is known for being strong and maintenance free. Though it costs more, it has similar energy efficient properties to vinyl windows.

Whether you know what you want for your replacement windows or not, Andy’s Glass & Window Company is here to help. We work with quality window manufacturers in order to provide you with vinyl, aluminum, and wood clad/fiberglass options so you can choose what works best for your home. Give us a call today and let’s get started on the process at 951-677-7421. If you want to see examples up close or ask questions in person, stop by our showroom at 25751 Jefferson Ave Murrieta, CA 92562. You can see the difference between the windows and take in some of the quality manufacturers we have to provide you with windows for your home. We’re happy to assist you with quality windows in the material you choose!

Key Ways Windows Add Value to a Home

When you own your home, you know the importance of regular home maintenance. In fact, more homeowners are investing in their Riverside, CA homes now than ever before. Instead of buying a new home every so often, you simply look for ways to improve the value of your current property. One area to consider that is often overlooked is new windows. Here are a few key areas that add value to your home in Riverside, CA.

-Windows Enhance Style

New windows can do a lot for the overall look of your home. Outdated windows are an eyesore and take away from the curb appeal and interior appearance of your home. Old windows make your house look run down and tired! There are a lot of options in replacement windows and any homeowner can find something to fit their home’s structure and their own personal tastes.

-Add Natural Light

More sunlight is almost always a good thing. Natural lighting will brighten your home and give you a more cheerful ambiance. You will also use less artificial lights, which will help with your electric bill and your eyesight. Energy efficient windows will also keep the hot sunbeams out while allowing in the natural light.

-Increase Energy Efficiency

Heating and cooling costs are on the rise, especially when it comes to old windows! Installing new windows is one of the best ways you can lower your heating and cooling costs. You’ll be comfortable inside no matter what the temperature is outside and you’ll pay less at any time of the year.

-Reduce Maintenance

No one really wants to spend a lot of time on home maintenance projects and old windows require a lot of attention. If you don’t want to scrape, paint, and sand every year, getting new windows that can reduce your maintenance is downright smart. You will cut back on the time you have to spend on maintenance and you’ll save money on the items you would have bought for those maintenance projects too!

-Increase Sales Value

If you are going to sell your home someday, you want to make sure you have nice windows in the home in order to get a good asking price on the house. Installing new windows Riverside, CA can raise the overall value of your home so you can ask more for it when you put it on the market. This will help you get back any money you invested on the windows in the first place!

If you are ready to put some value into your home in one way or another, Andy’s Glass & Window Company can help! Just give us a call at 951-677-7421 and ask if you can have a free consultation appointment with our professional technicians. We’ll say yes and get you started down the right road for your project! You can also stop by and see our showroom for ideas and examples. We’re located at 25751 Jefferson Ave Murrieta, CA 92562 and we’re happy to show you around or let you browse on your own.

What are Vinyl Windows to You?

Have you ever heard the expression ‘what’s it to you?’ You might have heard it in a number of different places, but today, we’re talking about vinyl windows. If you’re considering new windows for your home in Riverside, CA, you might ask ‘what it to you’ when it comes to vinyl windows. What will they do for your home? What can they do for your life? Here are just a few elements that vinyl windows will bring to your home if you choose them over other materials.

-Energy Efficiency

The number one reason to choose vinyl windows is because of their energy efficiency. Sure, there are other energy efficient materials, but vinyl windows hold onto their energy efficiency as the years go by without any help from you. They create a tight seal with your home and give you the ability to use less energy and still remain comfortable in your home. That’s priceless!

-Cost Effective

When it comes to your home improvement projects, you have a budget, right? You can’t afford to spend endlessly on every single project you undertake. When you are looking at replacement windows, vinyl windows are the best you can buy in terms of cost. They’re the least expensive on the market! You might think that means they are ‘cheap,’ but that is not the case. As you read above, they are highly energy efficient. Their quality is unmatched. You’re lucky that they’re also low in price so you can get everything you want at a cost you can afford.


When you get new windows for your home, you’re worried about budget and energy efficiency, but you want to make sure you also get a nice look for your home. Aesthetics are important when you live in Riverside, CA! In the past, vinyl windows came in white and that was that. Today, you have options! They have become so popular that manufacturers are often a variety of colors and styles so you can rest assured that there’s an option out there that will work for you.

-Overall Comfort

Do you like feeling safe in your home? Do you like having a comfortable temperature no matter what it’s like outside? Of course! Who doesn’t? And you should! Your home is your haven and you deserve to be comfortable at all times. Vinyl windows can give you that comfort. First, they are energy efficient and help you with temperature control. You don’t have to mess with the thermostat anymore to hold a good temperature. And second, they are more secure than older windows so you’ll feel like you and your family are safer than ever before as well.

Vinyl windows…’what is it to you?’ Plenty! Your Riverside, CA vinyl windows can bring a lot to your home and life and Andy’s Glass & Window Company is there to help! Call us today at 951-677-7421 and start talking through the options that are best for your home. You can also visit our showroom at 25751 Jefferson Ave, Murrieta, CA 92562.

Things You Might Not Want to Buy, But Should

There are a lot of things you have to pay for in order to get by and live in San Marcos, CA. Some of those things, you enjoy buying. It’s fun to buy new shoes or a classy new car, right? But there are plenty of other things that you don’t necessarily WANT to buy. Some of those things, you HAVE to buy. Others, you perhaps SHOULD. Here’s a list that will help you feel better about those purchases!

Thing#1: Gas for your Car

When was the last time you drove up to the gas pump with excitement in your heart because you were about to put gas in your car? Um, never, right? Gas is something you have to have in order to get from place to place. You have to go to work! You have to get the kids from school! You have to take them from activity to activity. In order to do all that, stopping at the gas station is a must. That doesn’t mean you have to WANT to buy gas. But you have to do it anyway!

Thing#2: Insurance

Whether you are paying for home insurance, car insurance, life insurance or another type, it isn’t a bill you get in the mail that you enjoy. It’s expensive! You hardly use it, if ever! Who really wants to see their hard earned money going to another company for no obvious immediate benefits? Insurance is another one of those necessary parts of life. You may not like paying for it every quarter or every year, but when you need to use it, you’ll be super glad you have it there to back you up.

Thing#3: Utilities

Sure, you use your air conditioning and your lights, but you also take them for granted…until your monthly utility bill comes along. Does it really have to be that expensive to keep cool and see to read at night? You need your utilities, but you sure don’t like paying for them, do you? Just another one of those things you have to buy, even if you don’t really want to!

Thing#4: Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are an item that you might not really want to buy, but maybe you should. Actually, replacement windows can help you with some of your other payment issues. When you install replacement windows, sure, they’re going to cost you up front cash. But they’ll save you money on those monthly utilities in the long run. Perhaps it won’t be so painful to pay the monthly bills once you have energy efficiency in your home because of your replacement windows. You might even get lower insurance rates on your house because you have higher levels of security! You still need to buy gas for your car, but you’ll have more money to spend in that area since you’re saving on your bills. While replacement windows aren’t high on your list of wants, perhaps your home really needs them! You SHOULD want them because of all the benefits they bring!

When you decide replacement windows in San Marcos, CA is right for you, contact Andy’s Glass & Window Company at 951-677-7421. Or stop by and see us at 25751 Jefferson Ave, Murrieta, CA 92562.

How Vinyl Windows Make You Feel

There are a lot of things in San Marcos, CA that make you feel. The feel of the fresh ocean air as it hits your face on a nice day. The feel of the sun beating down from above after a chilly day inside the office. The feel of your favorite dessert hitting your tongue and gliding down your throat. The feel of a new outfit making you look your best. There are plenty of things to feel! Do you buy things because of how they make you feel? So when you’re thinking of buying new vinyl windows for your San Marcos, Ca home, you might wonder…how will they make me feel? Here are a few things you will likely feel once your vinyl windows are installed.

Feeling#1: That Your Home is Beautiful

You love your home and that’s great, but you want everyone who drives by it or walks through the front door to love it as well. When you have new vinyl windows on your home, you will feel as if it is beautiful. You want your property to be valuable and in order to do that, it takes time, effort, and maintenance. Vinyl windows can take your home to a whole new level of beauty and revolutionize the appearance both inside and out.

Feeling#2: Comfort All the Way Around

There are a number of reasons why vinyl windows will give you comfort. First, they are highly energy efficient so you will be comfortable temperature wise in your home, whether it is hot and sunny outside or cold and blustery. Second, they are much more secure than older windows so you will feel safe in your own home, a feeling that is both comforting and necessary. Third, they give you a break on your energy bills so you will be comforted in the fact that you’ll have more money in the bank.

Feeling#3: Pure Warm Fuzzies

When you get vinyl windows on your home, you are doing something good for yourself, your family, and the environment. Doesn’t that make you feel good all the way through? You like when you can do things for yourself. You like doing things for your family even more. But when you can also do something for the environment by saving on the energy you use? Well, it’s a win win win situation!

If you are ready to take the next step and look into vinyl windows in San Marcos further, contact the professionals at Andy’s Glass & Window Company. Give us a call today at 951-677-7421. We’re here to answer any questions you have about vinyl windows or the installation process. We understand there are a lot of decisions to make so if you’d like to stop by and see examples of the windows we offer, we have a showroom for you to explore. We’re located at 25751 Jefferson Ave, Murrieta, CA 92562 and we’re ready to help you find windows that match your lifestyle and home goals.

5 Ways to Stay Cool When the Sun is Hot

If you live in San Marcos, CA, you know about being hot. That California sun can be brutal! On the hottest days of the year, all you can think about is staying cool. At times, it doesn’t even seem possible! But we have come up with five ways for you to stay cool on those extra hot California days. Choose one or try them all. Just do what you have to do to keep cool!

#1: Drink Ice Cold Water

One of the best ways to cool down is to start from the inside and go out. If you’re sweating up a storm, you feel hot on the outside, but your insides are melting too. Drink some ice cold water and cool down your insides! You can also hold the glass or bottle against your neck and forehead to give your outsides a break from the heat as well.

#2: Jump into the Pool

Whether you have a pool of your own or not, you need to find a body of water…pronto! Get a break from the heat by jumping straight into that water. Whether you have a swimsuit on hand or not! The cool feeling will be worth it!

#3: Sit by a Fan

We’ve all spent time next to a fan as a child, speaking into the blades as they turn and making our voices sound funny. Maybe you don’t want to go that far as an adult, but there’s nothing like sitting by the fan and feeling its effects on your sweaty skin on a hot day.

#4: Go to a Store

You know when it gets hot in San Marcos, CA, the stores crank their air down! They want you to come in, shop, and buy things! When you’re hot, sometimes the best thing you can do is go to a store and browse. You don’t always have to buy things in order to cool down a bit.

#5: Get Replacement Windows

One of the best things you can do to cool down is to simply replace the windows in your home. That way, whenever the sun is viciously beating down outside, all you have to do is stay inside your home and you don’t have to get hot at all! New windows can work wonders on your home. Not only do they look great both inside and out, but they also make your home feel like the cool oasis it should be! New windows in San Marcos, CA cut back on the energy you use and give you a comfortable temperature at the same time.

If you’re tired of jumping into pools with your clothes on just to stay cool, think about putting new windows on your home instead! Call Andy’s Glass & Window Company at 951-677-7421 for a free consultation. We’re happy to talk to you about the options we have available to our customers. You can also stop by and see us at 25751 Jefferson Ave, Murrieta, CA 92562.

How Replacement Windows Help You Reach Your Home Goals

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Perhaps you make them in the spring instead of the winter, just because you’re ready to start over. It’s hard to stick to resolutions of any kind! If you have lived in your home for several years or longer, you likely have some goals for making your home better. Maybe you have a list or maybe you j just have a few items in mind. Either way, improving your home is a shorter process than changing your lifestyle by going to the gym for two hours a day. And you know what? You can reach a lot of home goals with simple replacement windows!

What are your home goals?

IF you are serious about taking on some home improvement project this year, it is a good idea to hash out some of your home goals. Here are a few examples that many homeowners find they want to achieve within their homes.

-Improved exterior and/or interior appearance

-Increase energy efficiency and savings on bills

-Increased indoor comfort

-Increased home value

Do you share any of those goals? Or maybe even all of them? You might think you have a lot of work to do in order to check all of those items off the list, but guess what…replacement windows can put one big check mark next to all of the items at once!

Replacement Windows Meet Home Goals

It only takes about four hours to install a replacement window. If you’re having a whole house done, it’ll be a day or two with the right crew. But in the span of just a few days, you can realize each and every one of your home goals! Here’s how:

-Improved exterior and/or interior appearance

Replacement windows give the exterior of your house a better curb appeal and a new, fresh look. They also take over the interior style of the home and give you an upgraded aesthetic.

-Increase energy efficiency and savings on bills

Replacement windows seal to your home and don’t allow the hot California air to penetrate your home. They keep the air-conditioned air inside where it belongs and your AC unit doesn’t have to work as hard. That means you use less energy and pay less on your utility bills.

-Increased indoor comfort

Because you are able to keep an even temperature in your home at all times, you’re more comfortable. Not only that, but replacement windows can allow in more natural light without the heat of the sun, raising your comfort level even further.

-Increased home value

Potential homeowners are willing to pay more for homes with new replacement windows. They know they’re energy efficient and they like their appearance and other benefits. You’ll get up to 80% of your investment back when you sell your house because it is valued higher with the new windows on it.

Are you ready to achieve your home goals with brand new Corona, CA replacement windows? Call Andy’s Glass & Window Company at 951-677-7421 or stop by and see us at 25751 Jefferson Ave Murrieta, CA 92562.

Make Window Art on Rainy Days

You probably feel really lucky to live in Corona, CA. The weather is warm and sunny most of the time, after all. But there are still going to be times when you and your family are stuck inside. It does rain, you know! And people still get sick on occasion! You might not think your vinyl windows can help you much on a rainy day…other than to glare at the rain coming down outside, but you’re wrong! There are window projects that can turn vinyl windows into high entertainment! Here are just a few suggestions.

Make Art on the Windows

Get some washable paint and let kids paint on the glass. You might want to lay a towel or something down underneath the window to catch drips. Not only will they have fun creating the art, but it’s also sometimes fun for them to clean it off and start over! Just grab a spray bottle and an old rag and they can paint and clean for hours. You could also keep some static cling stickers on hand for rainy days. The stickers are fun for kids to place, peel off, and place again. And they don’t harm the vinyl windows in the least!

Make Old Windows into Art

When you put new vinyl windows into your home, what happened to the old windows? Perhaps you had the window company take them away. If not and you held onto one or two of them, you can create all sorts of things out of them! If you had wood windows, consider cutting up the wood and having your kids paint individual pieces for family members. You could also build things like birdhouses. If you don’t care at all about the old windows, supervise your child and have them hammer in a few nails for the fun of it. The pieces of ‘art’ are fun to create and time will pass by quickly. Before you know it, the California sun will be back!

At Andy’s Glass & Window Company, we have a large range of vinyl windows from which to choose. If you are an adult who is a kid at heart, it’s fun to imagine what the different styles will look like in your home. Just be sure to keep a few of your old windows when you get new ones so you can make them into art on a rainy day!

Andy’s Glass & Window Company has been serving homeowners in Corona, CA since the 1970s. We take pride in our custom window installation services and our quality products. We also enjoy giving you fair prices! If you are interested in new vinyl windows in Corona, CA, give us a call today at 951-677-7421. You are also welcome to stop by our showroom and check out some of the samples of our vinyl windows yourself. We’re located at 25751 Jefferson Ave Murrieta, CA 92562 and we’re happy to answer any questions you have about new windows…or even art!